Friday, October 11, 2013


Man I swear I hate my car/When I drive I cross fingers hoping I make it far/Every trip is a leap of fate on a dish/I'm so brave because people say I have a death wish/Nervous every time I turn ignition/Skeptical that it might not come on/When it turns over I smile/Tires been worn down a while/Not doing "Donuts" but rolling on them/If my car could talk it would say "I hate him"/ Then it says "Please pull us over"/It turns off one tail light becoming bolder/Signaling for police to come get me/Thank God I don't have warrants for them to hit me/With hand cuffs but enough's enough/Next week I'm going to fix my baby up/So it won't hate me no more/Treat it like a queen and not a run down whore

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