Saturday, March 3, 2012


They left me
They left me alone
To rot at the bottom of the sea
An anchor I'm suposed to be
But I failed
Wasn't my fault but I feel like failure
So sad I am
Years has passed
I can remember it like yesterday
A routine job
Deployed at sea
Nothing out of the ordinary
Other than the chain breaking
Damn that chain
I find it insulting that I am heaviest type of iron
Only to be supported by that fragile link
Their lives count on me
I count on them
But they let me down
While they were throwing rum parties
They got carried away
Forgetting to upkeep and do minor maintenance
To that damn chain
That chain was damned
And I was damned to fail
Any day I knew it would happen
Tough as iron but vulnerable to that chain
Maybe that chain was upset that day
Then it snapped on me
I never sunk that fast before
Full speed into the bottom
While the ship went full speed ahead
I crashed into the abyss
I hoped they crashed into shore
Miserable down here
No one comes around
Forgotten I am
Even underwater
I'm dirty
Covered with green "stuff"
I wish I could decay with the skeletons
But I see I outlast them all
Darkness surrounds me
Silence hounds me
Time forgets me
All I see is the sea
Forgotten I am

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