Saturday, March 3, 2012


We all should support bacteria
Bacteria helps us evolve
And create better medicines
Also strengthens our immune system
It becomes apart of our culture to do so
We are also taught to fight other bacteria
Like the kind that corrupts our minds
Fragile and weak in the flesh
One can be tempted to indulge
In wreckless partying,
Obscene music,
Pointless television,
Trashy books,
And forgettable movies
That can fester in our minds
Leaving unremarkable impressions
That leads us into acting out in ways
That are unforgivable and regrettable
Leaving us as the ones to pay
Selling us advice on how to find happiness
When we were first sold corruption
Buying without knowing
Infected with impurities that we were
Taught to support since birth
Maybe one day we will have peace
Some already do

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