Friday, June 22, 2012

Insomniac (Haiku)

Its getting to me
I know it will get better
All I could aim for

Drowsiness kicks in
Oh lord, how do I still stand?
I can barely see

I sit slumped over
Cop swears I've been drinking
Still, I need a drink

A drink to awake
But this cup plays with my mind
Reminds me of her

And because of her
I cannot get any rest
Thoughts of her haunt me

My regrets of guilt
Keeps me up late in the night
Tossing and turning

Too hard to go on
Should never have done her wrong
Price of loneliness

Too high of a charge
Forever deep in her debt
How will I repay?

Even the cup laughs
As the coffee takes new form
Cream makes a white heart

Cup of "Joe" I toast
To thought of losing her to
Joe....her new boyfriend

(Photograph courtesy of Matthew Dwight Toomey, Cathi Walsh, and Boomtown Heights Coffee)

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