Tuesday, July 3, 2012


"They" put me on a big boat
They took me and everyone that looked like me
Some I recognize
Some I don't
Some are my family
Most are not
I remember some vanishing
Leaving the village without a trace
But I never imagined this
I wish I was dreaming
Person chained to my right is laying down
Refusing to move
Probably dreaming of better days before all of this
Too bad I can't understand him
His language is different from mine
But to "them"
We are all the same
Woman chained to my left is sick
She refuses to eat
She's trying to kill herself
I don't blame her
So many of us are dying
I'm used to the smell of death now
Haven't eaten in three days
The smell of vomit is sweet
Makes my stomach growl
Jealous of the dead
Wish I could join them
As we are all chained together in misery
Death looks peaceful as I stare at a body in front of me
Its hotter inside than outside
Heat makes me feel lightheaded
I think I'm about to pass out
I hope its time for my ancestors to take me away
Maybe not
I'm still standing
Now I see light
Door to top of the big boat opens
Now its our chance again!
One group rush our captors as one big herd
This is the fourth time in seven days we had done so
My group sits back and watch
Weary of what will happen if this doesn't work again
And once again it doesn't
Or does it?
Looks as if this group cannot overtake the crew
Only one way out
We believe in freedom
We should not be in chains
We are free in our homeland
As well as the afterlife
Our ancestors guided the group to the water
One will lead
The rest will follow
Together they fall
Shackles led them to the bottom
Hands locked together
Bravery released
A part of nature restored
Foreigner's orders ignored
Violence shifts to the hand of tides
Peace underneath currents
Souls will be preserved for the rest of time
As they will be remembered
Last breath in chains
Now forever free
Rest of us onboard will deal with the aftermath
We as Kru embrace terror

(Photograph given courtesy of Jason de Caires Taylor and www.underwatersculpture.com)

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