Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I Samuel through II Kings 5

David married Abigail/Samuel die
Saul seek a witch/Asked to her to try
To speak to his ghost/Samuel warn they would lose
Saul killed himself/His Armor-bearer use
Blade on himself/Died next to his King
David now new King/People would sing
Jerusalem to be his capital/Jebusites refuse
His men snuck killed them/David choose
To bring in Ark of Covenant/To be praised
Built a temple for God to worship rest of days
David took notice of his general's wife
Got her pregnant while Uriah risk his life
Sent Uriah on front line of battle to die
Uriah killed/David married/Become sly
God displeased/Sent Nathan the prophet
Promised death to his new son/Can't stop it
His son died later birthed Solomon
Also birthed another son Absalom
Who killed his half brother and challenged David
To be King/Battled him/Ran away and hid
In a forest but a branch caught on to his long hair
Dangling helplessly/Commander Joah/Killed him there
David passed his blessing to Solomon
Now becomes King/God granted him wisdom
Two women had two babies/One died
Solomon to cut living one in two/One cried
For one that cry is true owner of baby
Continued working on Temple of worship for his daddy
To praise God/Took seven years to finish
Priests place Ark of Covenant in it
Queen of Sheba traveled/Challenge him with questions
Amazed of his wisdom/Went back home with gifts and lessons

Solomon died/His son Rehoboam became next to rule all
Kindom split into Judah and Israel
Israel turned against God/Elijah predicted drought
God told him to live in secret/Ravens brought food about
Went to Sidon asked a woman for food
Told her she would have plenty to eat for not being rude
But she became ill/Her son died later
Elijah resurrected him with a prayer
Three year drought/Isralites turn
Against God/Put to test to burn
Wood set aside god Baal and God Almighty
Only pile to catch fire was God's/burned brightly
Elijah pointed out to a servant to a dry sea
Black cloud came/Rained/Filled up country
King Ahab came across a vineyard he could not have
Refused by Naboth/Jezebel promised it his to grab
She had Naboth stoned to death over a false crime
King took over it/Elijah promised death in due time
King felt guilty overcome by shame
Dressed in sack cloth/Was not the same
God forgave him/But will punish descendants
Prophet Elijah choose Elisha to finish
His duties/Succeed him/Elisha wish to stay
Elijah said no/Chariot of fire took him away
Elisha now alone/Visit city of Shumen
Every time he visits/Rich woman let him stay on
Husband made room for him/Too old to father
Elisha promised them a son/Came in a timely order
When the boy got older/Went out in field and died
Mother found Elisha/He prayed and revived
Mother found Elisha/He prayed and revived
King of Syria sent Naaman to be treated for leprosy
Elisha sent him to bathe seven times/No sore to see

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