Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Joshua 3 through I Samuel 25

Priests carry the Ark of Covenant
When they touch the water/River dry like cement
People crossed/Joshua led army to the wall
Priests circled Jericho/On seventh day it fall
Joshua took over city/Rehab left alive
People of Midian were a new opposing side
Angel sent to Gideon to destroy altar
Of a fake god/Praise God it began to bother
The Midian's upset/Gideon gathered army of 300
Snuck up on Midians/Blew horns/Scared every head
It was dark/Midians fighting themselves
Gideon won the battle without fighting/Did well
Jephthah banned from home/Returned as a general
Led army defeated Ammonites/Stood tall
Offered a sacrifice of the first thing he see
He saw his daughter/Killing her was key
Then came Samson/Weakness was his hair
Killed a lion/Found honey there
Betrayed by his wife/Killed thirty people
His next wife Delilah/Proved to be unequal
She made a deal/Cut his hair/Taken prisoner
Ask God for strength/Destroyed Temple/No fear
Old lady Naomi and Ruth went to Bethlehem
Met Boaz/Ruth laid next to him
They had a baby to make Naomi happy
Elkanah had two wives/Hannah no baby
Penninah had two/Teased Hannah every year
Hannah prayed/Eli a priest said patience dear
Wish granted/Gave birth to Samuel
Hannah gave him to Eli to raise him well
God spoke to Samuel to say Eli's kids dishonest
Eli then pardoned them as priests and honored it

Israelites defeated/Philistines took Ark of Covenant
Eli the priest was told this and fell to his death
Philistines took Ark/Sat next to their God
Statue mysteriously destroyed/Life became hard
Rats ran about/Boils broke out
With untrained cows/Ark sent on a route
Ark of Covenant returned to its people
Samuel needed to appoint King/Asked God what to do
He then annointed Saul of Benjamin/Saul asked why
Time passed/Ammonites threatened to take right eye
Of every citizen of Jabesh/Saul defeated them
Philistines were to invade/Samuel said wait for him
At the end of seven days/Saul grew impatient
Lit a fire/A offering/Samuel upset
Since Saul did not wait for his signal
Samuel declared that another family will rule Israel
God now chooses Dave/Son of Jesse to be King
David dared to fight Goliath with a sling
Goliath a giant in bronze armor/Israelites scared
David with five pebbles/Slung one to his forehead
Killed Goliath/Decided outcome of war
Saul made him family/Offered his daughter
Saul later became jealous/Tried to kill David
Michal his wife/Gave a rope for escape/That he did
Johnathan/Saul's son/Visit David snuck up on him
In a cave/Cut Johnathan's coat to make guilt set ill
To show he could have easily killed Johnathan
In return Saul no longer jealous/David the better man
David asked wealthy Nabal for food/He denied
Wife Abigail gave them food/Nabal died

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