Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Isaiah 6 through Psalms

Prophet Isaiah had vision of God on Throne
Burned away his sins/To send out on own
To spread the Holy word/Some won't grasp
Those who follow/Protected walk a safe path
King of Assyria took over Israel/Turn to slaves
because they did not listen/Follow God's ways
Hezekiah/King of Judah/A wise man
Followed Ten Commandments/Made ninety stand
Against King of Assyria/Couldn't be bargained with
Hezekiah went to Isaiah/Promised to get
Protection for them/Angel of death flew
Over the Assyrians/The battle now through
Josiah was King of Judah at eight years old
Rebuilt God's Temple/Found righteous scroll
Repented for his people/They were disobediant
Destroyed false gods/Felt like idiots
God forgave/Cleansed country/Celebrate Passover
Prophet Jeremiah warned land of Judah of disaster
God sent him to potter watched him make jar out of clay
Example of Israel/Clay in Lord hands/Will pay
Be destroyed or become strong/Summon priests
Into valley/Broken jar/Nebuchadnezzar seized
King of Babylon/ Enslaved Judeans/King Zedekiah
Ruled them/God promised bad will not prosper higher
Figs symbolize people/Some will rotten
Jeremiah warned to leave/Officers try to stop him
Lowered him in pit/Eben-Melch went to save
With thirty men/Ropes and rags pulled him out cave
Two years Babylonians surround city walls
People starved/Sick/No one could come out at all
Gates finally open/Zedekiah rebelled against King
Killed hes sons/Eyes put out/Chained being

Nebuchadnezzar burnt down city/Had bad dreams
Four wise men couldn't tell him what they mean
Daniel was one/Saw a statue/Crushed into a mountain
Dream meant/King be challenge but stay grounded
Gave Daniel and 3 others wise men posts right away
Built a ninety foot statue to worship everyday
Three of the wise men refused to it
King order they be thrown to a fiery pit
No fear/Wisemen walked through flames
With a fourth man/An angel/Now King understand
Converted all to God/Belshazzar later to lead
Saw a writing on the wall/Summoned Daniel to read
It says your days numbered/Moral balance weighed
Division in Kingdom/Put to death/Darius the King stayed
Appointed Daniel most powerful/Some jealous
Law set against Daniel/Thrown to lions by fellows
Daniel left untouched/Conspirators/Executed
Xerxes King of Persia had his queen booted
Search for new queen/Picked Esther who was lovely
Appointed Haman chief minister/View Jews ugly
For Mordecai/A royal/Did not bow/While
Every Jew must now be killed/Esther viewed foul
Mordecai saved life of King/Xerxes check records seek
Betrayed by Haman/He flew to Esther's feet
Look like an attack/Hung/Now King reach
Forgiveness foe all Jews/Offered gifts and treats
Nehemiah once a cup holder looks unhappy
King sent him to rebuild Jerusalem
In fifty two days/It was done by them
Prophet Jonah disobeyed God/Swallowed by a giant fish
3 days/Spit out/Warn people/Psalms later created into existence

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