Tuesday, October 9, 2012


At fours years old, I hated vegetables. Mother told me they are good for me. Tasted horrible. I preferred candy. Veggies tasted bitter and weird. For me to eat vegetables, it would have to seem cool. When I saw Ninja Turtles, I started eating pizza. But then... I discovered Popeye. He got strength from eating spinach. No additives. No can opener. Just raw ass spinach. Spinach turned Popeye from a weakling to Hercules in an instant. When I tried spinach it did not taste good at all. Popeye is a brave man to eat this stuff. After I got into the habit of eating them, I began to taste the sweetness in them. It was as if these greens were detoxifying my body. I started feeling stronger than ever before. Before you know it, I was becoming a black version of Popeye but with better dialect. Maybe one day I will get tattoos like Popeye. Because of my discovery of spinach... I was able to kick my bully's ass!

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