Saturday, December 8, 2012

Kit (Sestina)

Why must this kitten follow me?
Stalking me at my doorstep
Is it crying because it is hungry?
It cries loudly for help
Stranded and looks lonely
Recently cleaned but where was it kept?

Where are the secrets kept?
Why does it want me?
Keeping me company sensing I'm lonely
I shut door in it's face on my doorstep
I call others for help
I need to leave because I'm hungry

It makes me forget I'm hungry
With whining that just kept
On coming from this kitten who can't help
But whine and whine out for me
As it refuses to leave my doorstep
Porch light highlights both of us lonely

Even our shadows look lonely
Stomachs strecthed by the light still hungry
The mission to find food while stuck on doorstep
As the hunger pains kept
This kitten gets closer to me
It clings for my help

But where is my help?
Why have I been lonely?
Who else has been stalking me?
How many nights have I been hungry?
How many secrets have I kept?
Who else has came to my doorstep?

One brave kitty on my doorstep
Selective when searching for help
Picky where it wants to be kept
Chooses how it wants to be lonely
Frustrated when hungry
Is it frustrated with me?

Food for thought it looks to me
My neighbor sees we are hungry
She joins us because we are all lonely

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