Sunday, March 10, 2013


Unaware/I stare/Without a care/Into the eyes a glare/Like a red flare/I dare/To compare/Her to plentiful and rare/Feel nothing like air/I share/Breaths to spare/Time that shed like hair/In changing seasons I pair/Up to see if its fit to wear/Timing so thin could tear/With skin tougher than bear/I bare/Parts of me/Only enough to see/ Her presence a judge to be/If she don't flee/Then we/Or just she/Could decide what degree/Compatibility/Or just friendly/Probability/Of what could be/Should be/Would be/Yet could've stood me/Up on a date/I hesitate/As I wait/To break/The ice I take/Time to debate/Is she worth the "cake"/"The bread", money, or is she red tape?/ Genuine or fake?/Embrace or forsake?/Spoiled apple or ripe grape?/Solid or easy to break?/Fast track or do I brake?/Good head on shoulders or decapitate?/Hate to love or love to hate?/Believe in or lack faith?/Only God knows our fate

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