Saturday, March 9, 2013

K.O.F. 2012 (Sestina)

He challenges me to a duel
Laughing at my background
Dismissing that I'm King of all Street Fighters
I've mastered Alpha, Versus Capcom, Street Fighter II and 3
One must be a fool to challenge me
As I scroll through each character

Who will I pick to pick apart his characters?
Not evenly matched so how could this be considered a duel?
Why does this game not allow blood in the background?
If I could  I would splatter the ground with his blood before round 3
He has this game confused with King of Fighters

But this is not King of Fighters
This is a different class of character
Dizzy with my flurries as he struggles to count to 3
Politely I ask of him to tap out of this so called duel
Pride influences him to keep going as witnesses watch in our background
I think he is furious at me

But not little ol' innocent me?
His time would be better served watching UFC fighters
Every MMA fighter has Street Fighter precusor in their background
Kung Fu versus boxing and different styles for each character
Mainstream was hip to MMA before they realized such a duel
Only champions deserve more than rounds of 3

But he stick around to make it to round 3
All hail Champion "Me"
Is there a such thing as a bully in a duel?
Is there a such thing as inferior fighters?
Where there is same balanced repertoire for each?
He continually notices the colorful background

A euphoria of stars circle his background
Dazed that he can't make it to round 3
He blames my circle of superior character
Begging for mercy from me
Telling me how to rotate and use other fighters
What gives him the right to coach me in this duel?

This has become a lopsided comical duel
Cracking jokes as I have become quite a character
He picked the wrong day to play with me

Picture comes courtesy of Nerds Do It Better

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