Sunday, October 13, 2013

Hot Minute

He yelled
"Freeze! Put the gun down!"
Detective yells again
"We're taking you in regardless.
Don't take her down with you!"
Robber clinched his hostage tighter
Presses gun to her temple harder
He says
"I'm not going back"
Detective says
"Let her go and we can talk about it"
Robber says
"Let me out of here. I'm not going back"
Detective lowers his gun
Robber says
"Can I leave?"
Detective says
"You know I can't do that"
Robber says
"I'm not going back"
Detective steps forward and says
"Please give me the gun?"
Robber pulls trigger
Hostage on the ground
Gun now pointed at detective
Robber says
"I'm ready"
Points at his own temple
Closed his eyes
Pulled the trigger
Case closed

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